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Hey, I just posted in your other thread. FROM MY EXPERIENCE AND WHAT I'VE SEEN OVER AND OVER you're probably on too high of a dose. Yeah, you might eventually stabilize on that dose, but you'll feel like crap before you get there and why bother if you don't need that much. Check your pupils. If your doctor is clueless, then find one who isn't. This is your life you're working on.

toms- don't know how long you've been around, but there are plenty of people who have really sucky doctors who don't know shit or won't answer their phone. So, what's the point in banging your head against a wall if it ain't gonna move? Obviously a doctor is the better person for advice, but if the doctor is nothing but a script writer, then people's experience and help is priceless. My opinion anyways.

I agree. Wow high dose.
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