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Hi Lala,
I just wanted to mention that Chantix is not recommended for women who are pregnant. I'm not sure about Wellbutrin, from what I gleaned it says it's unknown what effects wellbutrin could have on prgnancy. I'm not sure if any antidepressant type meds are allowed during preganancy, I know I've read plenty of stories where women mentioned having to go off their antidepressants while preganant.

Are nicotine gum/lozengers/patches allowed to be used while pregnant? That could really help you get through it, but I have no idea. I'm sorry you are struggling with this. It's difficult to admit and it's quite obvious how badly you feel about it. Keep trying and do the best you can to keep the #of cigs low-zero as possible.

I smoke too and when I went on Sub I definitly smoked more. I don't know if it was directly from the Sub or to fill in that feeling of something missing in my life, but whatever it was, it would've made an attempt to quit harder at that time.

Take Care!
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