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I know chantix isnt covered by tricare..but that doesnt mean much..

lala..I saw your concern about anesthesia on the other post..
I had a c section with Zoey, and a worked fine..I also had surgery to have plates and screws put in my arm in November..anesthesia worked fine..the problem was the pain control after was non existent. In both cases..the first 36 hrs after both surgeries I was writhing around asking to die. BUT I should have called my sub Dr when I had the c section..he was PO'd that they treated me with the same levels as any other patient..because he knew damn well it wouldnt work..I gave the OB all the info on sub ..BUT I was thrown out of the hospital I planned to have her at a week before the scheduled c section..the new OB took me in and saw me on Friday and did the c-section on Monday..Just be sure to be in contact with your sub 1mg I am sure you should be ok..that dose should be easily overridden as far as pain control goes..
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