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There are only two paragraphs in the Big Book on step 6 and 7. They go something like this.
We have emphasized willingness as being indispensable. Are we now ready to let God remove from us all the things which we have admitted are objectionable? Can he now take them all----every one? If we still cling to something we will not let go, we ask God to help us be willing.

Then it goes into the seventh step prayer!

This step is about being ready. willing. My thoughts were....SO how does this happen? There is no magic wand. But, something magical does happen. After sharing our 5th step with God and another human being, we find that a freedom has come over us. This freedom is so uplifting that we start to chase it. We now know what has kept us stuck for all those years. We have an understanding that we are no longer victims of life. With this understanding comes a renewed zest to live in right action.
So, does God remove our defects? YES. He has given us a clean slate. What we do with it from this point forward is where our work begins. We must in the next few steps clean up the wreckage of our past! That process gives way to right living and practicing our new way of life. After all...who wants to continue our old behaviors after seeing the harm in them? This is not to say WE will get perfect. Quite the opposite. We will always be given areas to improve on! But, after completing these steps we then have a way to deal with our character defects. If they crop up ..... this design for living can be applied!
Any questions before chat?
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