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I have just started the process of having my 1 (single) felony conviction overtuned or expunged ...whatever Alabama does...
It's 1 count of identity theft. It was back in 2007 or so. And since that time, I have cleaned up my life tremendously. I never had anything on my record prior to that, and since that time I haven't even so much as had a speeding ticket (or even been stopped for any reason)....
I know it's a long process..but I want my rights back. I already have the right to vote -- and I didn't do anything to get that reinstated. One day I just got a voter ID card in the mail and decided to go vote (this was probably 2010 or 2012) I tried and my name was there. I didn't fill out any papers to get voting reinstated (though I've read that you HAVE to do this in order for them to do it..they don't just automatically reinstate you to vote)...but voting isn't my goal...
I want to be able to buy, carry and conceal my weapons. I already have a pistol and my wife just bought one last week...but I fear getting stopped and having it discovered ..then dealing with the "felon in possession" charge that will come with that. I've read that percentages are pretty high (over 80% or so) for nonviolent felony to have their rights returned to I'm hoping I get that.

If I have to lawyer-up, it'll cost me around $ I decided to try by myself first and see what luck I have. If I get denied, then I'll get a lawyer, but I don't see why I can't just do it myself.
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