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Hey Blackthorn,
Welcome to the site. I am new also.... Am entering into my 12th week of subs.... I have a similar story -- 10 years addicted to percs/vics/ -- 10 to 15 a day (or more...) and my husband didn't know. He doesn't want to know and won't talk about it. He hates that I am "chatting" online. He thinks its wierd..... We have 2 kids and have been married for 15 years.

I have gotten used to NOT having him involved and was heartbroken when he said he didn't want to be involved. But someone pointed out that he (my husband) is angry and feels betrayed and I guess I really never thought about it like that! Two sides to every story.

So try to think about this from his perspective... and find your support elsewhere for the time being. I was able to do just that and now I think my husband and I are closer. He is so much kinder to me now than he was before I stopped using.... It is all very interesting -- really.

I know it is hard though and you need support. Come here. I try to log in every night and check in. OR go to a group meeting. Though I have a hard time with groups.... LOL Oh well. Just some ideas. Give your husband some time. He may/may not come around -- just stop expecting his support. That was huge for me! It was hard, but I got over it.

I am so much happier now! Keep writing! FAD
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