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Good afternoon dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

I have a rather lovely cup of "tea" on the go, and as it is coming up to supper time in dear ole Blighty and i am going to have crispy aromatic duck. (I'm going to try anyway).

I just wanted to say that i rather like that dear Millie.

Of course we would all agree how much we should follow. How hard has it turned out to be? I'm a nuisance in respect is i also want to know "why?"

So Tryn with his clumpy feet thought of "loving oneself" as quite ridiculous.


Well because that's just being selfish.

If i have learnt anything from my brothers and sisters here it is "it is so not".

Addiction is however.

I could not agree more that loving, caring, being compassionate and unsderstaninding with oneself is the way to go. I believe every one of us wants to be able to do that for ourselves.

Why do we find it so difficult?

We didn't find it difficult to nearly destroy ourselves.....why don't we use..."whatever that was"...the other way round?

Why do we shy away from what others see in us? Why do we not have the confidence in see it for ourselves?

As many brothers and sisters here, will be how many answers there are.

Having a "cwoffeee" break, enables us to empower each other with our answers. Eh what?

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan, Loveness to you dear Millie and Susie
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