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Hi 4randk, what were you taking before you started the bupe? I saw you mention large amounts of oxycodone, but if you wouldn't mind being a little more specific. What formulation of bupe are you taking? Generic Suboxone, generic bupe only, Zubsolv? Sorry for all the questions. It's just that for alot of people, too much medication makes them lethargic. You only want to take enough to stop cravings and withdrawals. Urges are different, and maybe this will help explain the difference:

If you have an urge, some people have distracted themselves and it usually goes away. If that's the case, then you don't need more medication. If you get cravings that you cannot distract yourself from, then you may need more medication. Here's the difference. From:

Craving: Powerful desire for a substance that cannot be ignored. Unnaturally strong desire/urge for a substance. An overpowering urge that people are ill-equipped to control through will. Usually it cannot be suppressed indefinitely and results in taking the substance. Cravings are a symptom of the abnormal brain adaptations of addiction.
Craving (formerly called psychological dependence ) is an intense desire to reexperience the effects of a psychoactive substance. Craving is the cause of relapse after long periods of abstinence.(N Engl J Med 2003;349:975-86.)(see urges)

Urge: Unlike cravings, urges can usually be suppressed by willpower. Urges are less powerful than cravings. Urges are often passing and temporary. Cognitive skills can be learned to effectively suppress urges. Urges can usually be traced back to a source like stress, depression, anxiety, etc. which provides motivation for the escape or comfort of the substance, while cravings may have no external source and the person may have no idea why they are craving and may actually not want to take the drug at all. (see cravings)

Check in when you have a chance - sorry for all the questions.

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