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Hey James, just jump then. You've been bitching about this forever. So jump. Prepare yourself with comfort meds and just do it. Get it over with. Oh, did you stop snorting the sub yet? Did you go to therapy to figure out why you're so miserable. You can't blame it on sub when you abuse the hell out of it and sit around and do nothing. I've tried to help you like others have but you just go on and on bitching instead of ****ing doing something.

Get your shit together and either do stuff to get your life together or just jump and get it the hell over with. You say you're gonna suffer anyways.

Look, I did it with hardly any problems. No PAWS for years nevermind even a day. You could too, but you've convinced yourself it's all the sub's fault. Not like the benzos could have anything to do with it either? Whatever.

Why don't you just jump from the sub or check into a rehab and get off both and quit bitching about it. -Mary

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April 22, 2010
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...Does that mean that when I started snorting the bup and went to the doctor asking him to up my dosage by twice what it was at the time, I was not then addicted to the drug buprenorphine? Tim, when the doctor approved my rise from 16mg per day to 32mg per day, and I started to snort between 24 and 32mg of bup every day after being on 16mg taken under the tongue for over 2 years, does this not fit the profile of an addict?
oh well, whatever, nevermind. - k. cobain

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