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I got the script from my regular doctor before I started Sub. Was told that I HAVE to stop the Xanax if they are to treat me. I agreed. But after some time my anxiety did not improve but got worse so I refilled my script, told my Sub Dr., and got the third degree. They seem to think I'll have a seizure or some other overdose symptom. I don't think they read the information as well as we did.

The only reason I can think of that I crave it is because of my addictive nature. Anything to change my current frame of mind. And although the mg's are very low, it still makes me feel guilty because I broke my word. Catholic guilt, I suppose.

My script is out, and now I need to keep my word and not ask for a refill again. I was just really curious if the rest of you were told the same thing as I.

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