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Default Fatigue, Reduction and Cravings

I've been on suboxone for three mos now. I started at 24 mg and fluctuate between 2-3 mg now. My question is about fatigue. Everything I've understood about fatigue points to too much medication and as a result I've continually reduced. Upon each reduction I've felt no withdrawal symptoms. I keep reducing simply because I can't afford to sleep from 4 pm to 9 am daily and if I sit down I fall asleep. Otherwise I'm feeling pretty good.
The ONLY time I crave my doc is when I'm feeling on top of the world...I've discovered I am a perfectionist and expect that I SHOULD feel good all of the time. I want to use when I feel good to preserve the feeling...I know I'm an addict...sick...right? I'm addressing this in therapy. In the meantime I keep reducing my dose due to fatigue. The doc says he's never experienced anyone like me and I seriously can't imagine I'm an anomaly.
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