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Hiya!! I know you're out camping right now, but I wanted to post this to ya quick!!

I've taken Celexa in the past. I didn't really experience much weight gain. But I did have water retention. My ankles and feet would be HUGE! My job as a CNA kept me on my feet a helluva lot which didn't help. Especially when I'd get mandated! All I could do was reduce my sodium intake (this was a BIG help), keep my feet up when I was able to rest. I only took the Celexa for about 3(?)months. I stopped taking it not because of any side effects, but because I didn't feel that it was helping me with my depression. I've been taking Wellbutrin (150mg twice a day) now. I LOVE IT!! I've yet to have any side effects from it. And I've actually lost weight since I started taking it!! Wellbutrin is also prescribed to people to help them quit smoking, too. And so, I've noticed that I haven't been smoking as much as I did before I started taking it!

Hope y'all had a great time camping!!!!

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