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sunny, i think you are depressed, that makes you really tired. i dont know anything about that medicine, but drink alot of water, to get rid of it, start some kind of exercising, try to do some when you wake up, and when you go home go for a walk i really do think you are depressed. snap out of it. you remember that movie moonstruck. well she said that all the time. you have to get in some kind of diffrent routine thats gona make you happier, get out of this slump. how much sub are you on? i think you said 16mg, im not sure, im on that and im ok. take some b12, it will give you some energy and some ginseng. stop thinking you are a piece of crap, you are not, you should be proud of yourself. are you having cravings? you are just not happy, you need to do things that are gona make you happy. start by trying to lose some weight, that seems to make you very unhappy. just try to remember how unhappy you were before always high all the time, yeah we thought we were happy but we really werent. just hang in there, we are the only one that can change our disposition in life, we can make our own happiness or break it, you can do it. your friend dawnny
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