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The reason I am in this quandry is back pain. I had two epidural steriod shots in October and they really helped with the pain. I still have some pain but I went from about a 7 to a 3 on the pain scale. I think I will always have pain due to my injuries but I cannot live a life like this anymore. I feel like I have let everyone in my life down. I pray that I can learn to deal with my pain naturally. My life has been in constant downward spiral since I started taking Pain pills. I have so much to live for because of my little boy. If it wasn't for him I don't think I could have handled everything thats happened to me since the pain started. I've got a long road in front of me but I am looking forward to the challenge and change. well enough of my whining I just wanted to let you know some of my story. Thanks for being supportive
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