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Dan, If you started today, you will feel 100% mnormal tomorrow and your holiday experince will be fine if not wonderful. I speak for myself, but there is an adjustment period for the first 2 weeks on sub, but with that adjustment period you are in an honeymoon period. There wasnt any bad days after I was induced that would have ruined any family events. If anything my family and work colleagues noticed a gradual but noticable differnce in me. If you have a family of children, I would do this now. You wont regret it. within 48 hours of your first pill, your whole attitide on life and your golas and aspriations will be clear and attainable. why wait when you can begin the process now and get the best you can out fo the holidays. I have ruined many holidays for my family while on drugs.

Of course its your decision, and you are here for a reason. Do it!!! Good luck and I am here anytime you want to talk.

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