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As of now I'm trying to find a second job that will take up his part. It's sad and frightening how this drug is doing him. He tries to stay away so I can't tell a difference but I see it anyway whenever he comes around. I just don't get it. I saw him today and he looked so bad. My heart is heavy, not because of how bad our relationship has gotten but how this drug is taking him down. I love this man so much. I am going to leave him because of something he said to me last night which was very out of character for him. But I won't give up on getting him help. I thought since he is in his 50's it was too late for him to get help. But I have been doing some research and found out that a person is never too old to turn away from drugs. I'm a little scared to leave him, not knowing how he is going to react. I don't know if he is just going to let me walk away or try to keep me here. But it's a risk I'm willing to take. I'm so unhappy.
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