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Please accept my sympathies for your son's circumstance and your sadness.
There is little I can say could ease your pain.
Does your son have adequate legal counsel? That is most important at this time.
Obviously, as his alcohol use is at the center of this chaos and crisis, I have no doubt it will be adressed directly, and the legal system will determine the outcome. There is little to do until he faces the court. One can only hope the judge isunderstanding and has an enlightened awareness of addiction issues. Still, a DUI is a serious thing. I won't minimize that fact.

Seek out support you can trust, that may help you to deal with his immediate legal situation.
Treatment for his alcohol addiction will certainly follow and I have a feeling he will have little say about what form it takes. I would not be surprised if he were mandated to treatment.
I can only hope you have friends and family around you to provide support and consolation. You should not have to deal with this alone.
Cry it out, regain your poise and rally the resources available so your son gets the help he needs.
And by all means include yourself in that circle of care.
Be careful to not neglect yourself as you deal with this stressful time.
Lets hope things work out for the best in the end.
Feel free to keep us up to date.
You are welcome here.

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