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Good morning my dearest Magical Millie. Bright blessings to you. i envy you. I did hear however your disbelief that the sun has come out to hold your hand, how i wish the sun would hold mine once in a while in my dear ole Blighty!

You know i often tease you and my other brothers and sisters about how you all run to Timbuktu every day and back again? I actually admire it immensely. Tryn can barely walk let alone run, yet if i could, i would run too.

As you know i am out with the ole fella Rolo early doors. We have to potter a while down a long straight pathway that "everyone" uses. Cyclists, runners, joggers, pooch walkers, and as i am out so very early, (often before 6am) so i meet all the joggers. These are those that run before they go to work.

Well now.......all life is there. Thin ones, fat ones, tall ones, short ones, those with "all the gear"...those with just jogging bottoms, black ones, white ones, some pink ones, men, women, men and women, men and women with their dog running with them! Tryn feels somewhat out of place so he does with our silly little "potter".......yet we get "waves...high-fives....and good mornings" as they pass. It is really lovely.

Yes, i wish i could run. It must be such a liberating experience.


Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you my dearest Magical Millie.
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