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Thanks, lostdog.

So, I was supposed to run 12 miles this morning, and just slept badly and decided to do it tomorrow instead. Th weather is supposed to be about the same, so it should be okay. Maybe I can even get an earlier start than I would've today.

Part of the problem is that it's gorgeous out. In typical summer fashion, we had clouds in the early morning, till about 10AM, when the sun comes out and warms everything quickly. This is the first one this year, but it's supposed to be even warmer on Sunday and Monday, the day I was originally going to do this run. So I'm okay with my decision to do it tomorrow. It'll give me a chance to go out today and really just soak up some sunshine and get some vitamin D and just BE with it.

Getting excited about the trip though, and trying to get all my ducks in a row and not forget anything.

I still can't believe that when I'm looking out the window I'm seeing blue up above. It has been SO long.
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