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Question Looking for advice

Ive been at a methadone clonic for 3 1/2 years and Its such a mess there and they are understaffed and so I cant get my dose of methadone lowered there im at 90mg and go once a week there, and Im wanting to switch to subs to get off of this Im miseravle on methadone. Its taken more of my life away from me than the pills I was taking for pain in the first plce not knowing methadone was not the right way for me to go in the first place. Im physically very limited and disabled from mainly XLH rickets it runs in my family and causes alot of health issues. Im also finacially limited this clinic is costing me $450 month because medicare dowsnt cover it and thats the only insurance I have so Im wanting to go to a sub dr here but I dont know what to do because I cant taper down, and I def. am not staying for sub treatment at the current facility. From what ive read it seems to be possible to switch but Im not really sure whwre to turn or what to do because ive been stuvk at this place all year ive been wanting to get off methadone ASAP.
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