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Sam Bailey
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Hey Millie!

I'm good. Thanks for asking.

Ok. Not THAT good, to be clear. As I noted in another post (ok, several posts), my knees are so-way-very-effed-up.....and I'm such a wuss. Ha!

Seriously though? I'm in total withdrawals from not-running. I mean, damn, I barely know what in hades to do with myself...when not running.

Oh Millie, I could go on...and on. Mrs. Sam and I had a few harsh words last night. Always hate that, I do. All's well today, though. Nothing serious.

The urgent Care doc I saw this weekend? She offered me drugs, Norco the proffered script that she suggested. Ha!

Cripes, it wasn't THAT long ago that I spent most weekends searching for such things-and now, when it's offered, I say no.

Yet, as I noted in another post, that bell WAS rung. I heard it, I mean. No doubt, I heard it clearly.

Those days, my Days of Wine and Norco, were such bad times. So many memories I have of those times, ugly times they were, toward the end, that is. Especially in the end.


I just slathered a big ol glob of Bengay onto my knee. Is it "onto" or "on?" Well, I applied it to my knees, both knees actually. Luv the smell. Reckon I'll find a spot that Mrs. Sam will allow me and my Bengay to sit on...and we'll then sit.

So there.

Thanks, Millie.


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