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How beautiful. (Little PSA here to everyone: when you see a nest, it's best to not look too much, as crows and jays and other predators watch us for cues, and will eat eggs and baby birds.)

I am so glad they made it. That doesn't always happen. When I was doing bird research, my job was to find and monitor nests for ten species of songbirds. When I found nests, I went back weekly to track their progress until they were empty. One week there would be chicks in the nest, the next week they'd be gone. They fledge so fast - it only takes a day or two. I never got to know whether they were preyed upon or if they'd fledged. Except once. It was a pacific slope flycatcher nest. I just happened to be there on the actual fledging day. I stayed there so long, at a good distance with my camouflage clothing and binoculars. It was so lovely I cried.

I'm sorry you're feeling melancholy. You're reminding me of how I felt when I knew my spider Geranium was gone. She'd been in one corner of my bathroom for more than a year and a half. Same spot. We had people over for new year's eve that year, and I told my guests about her so they wouldn't "take care of" that spider for us. She started being more mobile, and one day she was gone. I was so sad. But about six months later, a smaller one of the same species took up residence in the same spot, and is still there.

There's such beauty and pain in attachment. To critters, people, ideas...

You're so fortunate to have gotten to see such a wonderful process. And you're a good person for knowing that. Love to you, Sam.
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