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Thanks for writing, Sam. Do feel free to attempt to bore us with whatever's on your mind, of course, whenever you feel like it. If you feel like it.

I hear it's possible to get SAD even when the sun is shining...

but then, I also know all about melancholy for what can feel like not a lot of rational reasons. I saw a mouse at the grocery store the other day (kept it a secret, of course, because I didn't want anyone to hurt the poor little guy, so tiny and alone...) and suddenly the fate of the world was on my shoulders and I lost my s*** entirely. YAY FEELINGS. Funny how we can get so caught up in what we "should" be feeling about this or that, it can fold right on in on itself and become something other than it really is.

Anyhow. I hope your funk lifts soon. Please keep checking in as you're able, if you don't mind. We, I, care about you.
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