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Brian, Welcome to this site. It sounds like you are in the right place. Like you I have a drinking problem. I am a alcoholic.

I drank for 42 years. Three divorces, my children lived in CA while I lived in MI. I roared through everyone's life, wives, children, parents, employers & friends. In the end I used them all up.

I could not stop on my own I had tried 3 times. Twice for 7 months & once for 4 months. I always went back drinking after I loss sense of how bad I was. Life was all about me & my wants before anyone else.

The last time I drank I got drunk. I drove home sat in my easy chair & was overwhelmed with the thought that I can't do this anymore. The thought occurred to me that I should seek help through a group of recovering alcoholics. I went the next day & have not had a drink since.

I have the phone numbers of recovering alcoholics. I have a sponsor. It has been suggested that I call one of these people before I take that 1st drink.

I stay in today. What kept me from trying to get sober for so long was that I always failed at it. I thought I had to stay sober the rest of my life & I knew I could not do that. By staying in today means I only have to stay sober today. If I make that or through my next urge to drink then I will be OK. So I stay in today. I think through that urge to drink thinking I only have to do this today & it will pass. I call another recovering alcoholic for help, then I have a good chance to get pass this urge. Pretty simple but not easy.

I know that it is not the next 5th or 30 pack that will get me but it is the next drink that will destroy me. I don't think I have another recovery left in me. So it is life or death.

I work my program with other recovering alcoholics in my group & I come in here & support others who are seeking to not have another drink.

Forget your car, your job. You are lucky. You have parents who will take you in & a fiancÚ who loves you. Let them help you.

You can not get sober for them. You have to do it yourself. Do some soul searching & be willing to make this the most important thing in your life. Then just do it.

A lot here for the newbe. Relax & make the most important decision in your life.

Good luck!!

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