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Default Newbie - what can I expect?

I won't bore anyone with the details as it's a story that is familiar to many - pain issues, escalating tolerance, physical dependency, etc...

I am considering Sub but have been very discouraged in my attempts.

The first Dr. I called wanted $700.00 total for my first visit.
The second Dr. I called told me that I should plan on budgeting at least $500.00 per month, every month.
The third I called, I couldn't get the receptionist to understand what "Opiate Replacement Therapy" meant nor did she know what Suboxone/Subutex or Bupenorphine was and haven't heard back from the person she would leave a message for to call me back.
The fourth Dr. I called only saw patients who had been referred by the Court system.

I did use the Patient-Doctor finder and heard from two doctor's reps, one is too far away from where I live. I work F/T and can't afford to spend an entire day away from work just for an appt. due to the long driving time involved, which is 2 hours each way, without traffic.

I should also mention that back pain issues prevent me from sitting for long periods of time, so driving long distances is not practical for me.

The other rep. that got back to me mentioned that "their program is out of my financial reach"

I live in the North part of the SF Bay Area (Near the Sonoma/Marin county line) and would like to find a Dr. in Sonoma, Marin or SF

I have insurance, but couldn't find anything out on the insurance company's web page, nor do I believe that would cover "maintenance", just detox. Calling them didn't help either, and I'm not 100% comfortable with the insurance company knowing about what I'm doing.

It shouldn't be this hard to find a Dr. and one who isn't IMO taking advantage of people in a difficult situation.

$700.00 for a first office visit? That's just outrageous.

Also, I've read that many Dr's require weekly visits and require patients to attend N/A, which is something I did when I was on MMT for 10.5 years.

Again, I can't take that much time away from work for weekly Dr. appts, nor can I always do N/A meetings for a variety of reasons I won't go into right now, but I did go when on MMT and was basically treated like a Leper when people found out I was on MMT, which made going counter-productive and put me in a position to not be 100% honest with my sponsor and other 12-steppers. The "Anonymous" part of AA/NA is a joke - everyone there talks about other people, mostly negatively in order to feel better about themselves.
It's like High School all over again, except everyone is a hypocritical addict.

I'm just trying to find a Dr. that is interested in helping people as opposed to gouging them, doesn't require me to visit more then 2x per month and not have to go to meetings more then 1x per week, if at all as mentioned, it's counter-productive. I've been to meetings many times. I didn't use in 10+ years on MMT not because of NA/AA, but because MMT worked for me.

Am I being unreasonable?

I should have stayed on MMT - I only had to visit the clinic weekly, was about to get a month's worth of take home doses, was paying only $220.00 per month and my only requirement was a 1 hour, one on one session with a counselor 2x per month and dropping an occasional UA sample which always came back clean because I didn't use once in 10.5 years on MMT

I've been off MMT for 5 years now and wish I stayed on. Compared to the hoops I had to jump thru at the MMT clinic, it seems like nothing compared to what is involved with seeing a sub Dr.

If I wanted to go back on MMT, I would have to visit the clinic every day which again is not possible with my work schedule and the time involved going to the clinic daily.

Apologies for the tone of my post, but I'm very frustrated with this situation.

Any suggestions?

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