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Hello again Michael. Bright blessings to you.

I am feeling you.

Do you remeber the MR men childrens books?, or is that an English thing? Anyway there were lots of Mr Men. Mr "this that and the other", (Trust me i could add to them and start a whole new series), anyway back to the point......there was a "Mr Sad" know what he did?....He stood on his head and all of a sudden, it became a smile.

(I would advise you to talk to your Dr before any indulgence in turning an unhappy face into a happy face, and if that neccesitates standing on your head, i know the very person. She is called Jenm, not only will she see you safetly through standing on your head, she might get you running when you are on your feet......if i was you i would pretend i still needed to stand on my head), i am serious my friend.

You know JFK? when he said "dont ask your country what it can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?"....ALL OF YOU ON THIS FORUM DO THAT, you give, give, give. Be so proud of why you do and where that comes from. As a fellow from another part of this tiny little rock we call earth, i am sitting with you now Michael.

Be peaceful and gentle with you Michael, even when it hurts. Loveness to you.

Michael, do not ask, "what should i have done?"....just ask yourself, what can i do now. You know those restaurants where you pay a "set price" and help yourself?

Michael? havepaid the price, now it is time to help....yourself. Sobriety brings goodness, honesty and an undiluting of the poison in our blood, in our hearts and souls.

You are creating freedom. Now keep that chin up.


I think you are doing it.
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