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How much Subutex are you on per day? I too am on Subutex and I find if I take too much I get minor headaches. But my head is one of the few parts of my body I never had much pain with. So maybe you're on too high a dose.

Can I ask you which Generic brand you're on, do you know? I'm having a problem with the different generic brands. At least I think I am. Right now I'm only on day 8 of being back on Subx. I was on the Name Brand Subx for 5 years with almost no problems at all. Severe back pain made my doc take me off Sub and put me on regular pain meds. But this stopped working, and got out of hand. It's another story. So I'm now back to Subx, but I can't afford the Name Brand so I'm on a generic. Right now I'm taking the Roxane brand. I have the 8 mg tabs and they're big white round pills. But the Pharmacy had also given me 1 tab made by Qualitest, and it seemed to work much better. It was white but oval shaped. Kind of like a football. So maybe you can tell me what brand you're on, or describe the pill? I'd appreciate it.

Meanwhile, if you're taking 16 mg a day I think that could be causing the headaches. In the 5 years I took Subx, I found lower doses work best. For me 5 mg a day was the best.
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