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Keep on doing what you are doing. Early sobriety is a rough time. Keep your mind open to new ideas and your heart open to inspiration. We are glad to hear you are 30+ days along. Be patient.

All the best,
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for telling me the things I need to here! I re read all of the threads you wrote to me, as many things just don't stick. Too much mind wandering.

We read an hour or two in bed every night, and i'm often having to re read a half a page or more because of it.

Patients is not my virtue. "Hand full frank" wants it all now, and my way, or i'l pick up my toys, and go home. I don't think i'm quite that bad, but my wife might disagree. Ha!

Again, thanks for the kind advice. I will try to follow it, hard head and all.

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