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Default Nausea


Welcome and how are you feeling now after a week on Sub? I took the brand name of Suboxone pill form for 10 months and never felt any nausea. Recently I went back on the Sub but it was a generic form..tasted very bitter, and I always felt some nausea and would have to eat crackers or have something in my stomach to prevent it. I thought I would offer that suggestion.

Like others have said Suboxone taken for the right reasons is a very good choice. I took it for 10 months to get off a 12 addiction to morphine which I took everyday. I could not have done it without the Suboxone. I went off the Suboxone Nov 3rd/2014 and was off everything for 6 months. I went back on the Suboxone for the wrong reasons.. to get a boost I knew the opiate would give me to paint. I was very depressed I made that decision and stayed on it 5 weeks.. I just got off it a week ago.. Even after 5 weeks I had pretty bad withdrawal symptoms.. So there are right and wrong reasons.

It sounds like it is the right choice for you..

Good luck
Peace Love & friendship
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