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I hope my post didn't confuse you. Obviously if you are having serious issues with craving, by all means it needs to be addressed. My story is that, MY story. I was ashamed bc my sponsor was die hard AA and once I got on subs I fell away from my home group for fear of judgement. She did not have experience with opiates which is what I needed.

However, I got on subs due to the fear of withdrawal from the percocets I had been taking due to surgery. I was not craving my drug of choice, but the fear of withdrawal was so intense I felt I needed to do something. Subs are very useful and beneficial for those people who feel they need it- I felt I took the easy way out. Maybe I didn't, it's water under the bridge. If I didnt take it, who knows, I could be sitting here sticking a needle in my arm right now.

So what I guess i am trying to say is congratulations on looking for options. It may very well work for you. My boyfriend is on it and it works great for him. I used it to serve a purpose and when I didnt need it any more, I stopped. I don't want to discourage you from getting the help you need, I guess perhaps I still have a little residual guilt because of my die hard AA sponsor I used to have, and I apologize if that spilled over into the post I wrote you earlier today. There is nothing wrong with being on it,the alternative is much worse if you feel your cravings will lead to using again and that is definitely something that you do not need.

Again, my apologies.
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