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Default Hello Saint, WElcome to the Forum !

Hi Saint/Dave ,

Welcome to the forum and for sharing a bit of your story! I am glad that you have been reading the other posts and felt comfortable enough to post here. We are 100% annonymous and imo have a very supportive group here. There is also a wealth of information on this site, to the right you will see various links and I have posted some links that may be of interest to you.

Congrats to you on Herculean efforts to deal with your alcohol issues! I can imagine battling the urges has been difficult at times, cravings can be overwhelming but there is a solution in various types of support, counseling, and even medication assisted therapy. Coming here is a great start, maybe the next step could be exploring options to help you with your goals.

Finding help is not always a one size fits all deal, my suggestion is to keep an open mind, be willing to work and keep trying until you find the right fit so to speak.

What did you do in the past - you mentioned you just stopped cold turkey, how did you manage it for 18 months ? Do you have family, are they supportive ?
When we put the drink down, issues arise that we had previously numbed by alcohol, was that the case for you ? It is different for everyone, me- I had Issues that I had to deal with.
Then it can be a matter of exactly what you said- "it controls me " in a sense being powerless over the alcohol.
Maybe - We drink because that is what we have known for so long, because it is there, we need to reprogram our brains, our thinking etc...

I have to say this, because we do strive to educate, I know you said it has been 5 weeks since your last drink, but , please, please, in the future - be very careful when you stop cold turkey, alcohol withdrawals can be very dangerous.

Would you be willing to try some form of support? Does counseling, Medication Assisted Therapy, some type of 12 step program ( AA, SMART Recovery) Rational Recovery - or a combination, interest you ?

You have tried it without help - so maybe finding a support would help?
Let us know if you have any questions and there is the treatment locator also, just enter your zip and many options in your area are listed.

Congrats to you on taking the first steps to a new life without alcohol !!!

I hope you will be back and let us know how you are doing, need to vent, questions etc....

Again, welcome and glad you are here, take care, Carly : )
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