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Just for the record, I use suboxone and never had to lie in AA Not sure why one would lie about this. This does not mean I make it a point to tell everyone that I am on sub or antidepressants or the like who cares!

Find a group that really practices the traditions. AA is a great place to be if you know what it's for, As said it is not treatment, it has no "boss" it has no rules except saying it is for people with a drinking problem, even then there are "posers" who never drank! No one cares! AA is an internal thing one makes the principles a part of their life or not! I do'nt care if you come drunk, I don't care if your a druggie all i care about is you suffer,I can tell you what I did to get sober.

Just because you hear crap in AA it does not make AA crap, My God! AA is about as egalitarian a group as one can find yet folks pick it apart!

Oh they do not want to be tested by true scientific trials! So what? AA has nothing to prove, no axe to grind and no agenda to push contrary to the naysayers. So what if some AA's want to be counselors? If they pass the test or get qualified so what? Its not like AA headquarters is handing out AA jobs (other then the few that help AA run) Goodness if my goal in getting sober was to get a kooshy job at AA then I got a long wait lol

Ease up on AA go if you want to have a place to at least kill an hour with folks that may know how it feels to be addicted. Or, don't go! AA is a fellowship and not treatment and AA is not out to prove a thing. I read the orange papers and some here who donate far, far too much time in breaking down the evil of AA, I still cannot see the "why" of it. We have been to wars we had no business in, we have people still hungry in America and we are losing jobs. Spend time fixing that and leave AA to those who want it

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