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Hey folks. Checking in on day 14. I slept like a rock last night and woke up very sore from the day of slamming yesterday. Today is supposed to be a work day for me but I took a day of vacation for therapy and to hopefully track down my lawyer. We'll see how that goes.

I will be talking mainly about anger/stress/anxiety today I think, unless Jon has a better idea, most of the time we sit down, he just looks at me, smiles, takes the smile away and says ""

R.Lee, the gratitude list, one thing that will always be on there is my job. One of the problems I am having reading it over and over is that there have been two instances in the last week, that being a steward I was a part of. The were ALMOST two insanely serious injuries due to the powers that be that sit behind there desks on the 4th floor making decisions to hurry things along which doesnt work in the electricity manufacturing business. When we rush, we get hurt. It's the bottom line. Two times in two weeks this happened, we all sit down and agree that attitudes on rushing have to change, and it is only 1 day later that we are right back at it with another near miss. I gotta bet as a retired cop, you probably have some similar stories about bosses that don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done and they can tell their superior what "they" got done that day.

I'll be back for more later, I gotta get moving. Hope you are all good.
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