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Thanks so much for asking.

I've decided not to think about it when I'm at home alone. I just get overwhelmed and depressed.

I've decided not to worry about the future. There's no point in what ifs.
I'll just deal with whatever comes, when it comes. I will spring into action nearer to the hearing. I am scared he will want revenge and he knows my deepest fear but I'm pushing to the back of my mind otherwise I'll go mad.
This whole thing has aged me. I feel so tired. But soon I'll be ok. If I want to be, and I do. I'm grateful for every day and it's better to focus on the good things. So I feel fragile but trying to get stronger.
I don't really want to go out but I haven't got any food. Only chocolate Santas and frozen peas! But I will go out otherwise it will just get harder to do so.
So yeah being positive. Focussing on the good in my life. I know I have to let it out sooner or later but right now I just want to hold it together so my strategy is to put my head in the sand for a bit and then I'll work on myself. It's important just to stay calm and positive.
I'm happy you wrote to me Alexis. Thanks for a place to share.
Love to you
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