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Sam Bailey 03-16-2017 06:52 PM

Hey Andy!

I expect you're all tucked in at this late hour. In Blighty, that is. Here in LOs Angeles, it's just half past 3pm. 3:45-ish actually. Which would make your time, uh---12:45am? Yes, I think so. Sleep well!

What a lovely letter. Thanks, Tryn'! You know you're right, of course. Although we (none of us) have ever met and are, you and I for certain, a long distance from each other, we are remarkably close.

So, I totally get your reaction to that rather tired, but (seems) lovely couple who'd been in LA. Not to take this notion too far, but who knows? maybe Mrs. Sam and I strolled past them one recent early evening after dinner. Must be early for the likes of me. Ha! Any case, could be...though we'd never know. Same if you and I walked past each other.

But know what? I'm not so certain that I WOULDN'T know you were someone...someone I know, even though I don't recognize the physical you---I see the you I DO know...and care deeply about.

Ok, so I suppose I am taking this a smidgen too far. Still, I bet we'd look at each other and something, in both of us, something odd, no doubt, would flash in both our eyes. We would know something, we would feel some kind of connection, wouldn't we Andy?

In another matter.

My beautiful son, Noah, is working/vacationing in New Zealand right this minute. Australia too. He's been gone a week, due home on the 22nd. I miss him so much, I ache. Yet I'm so, so thankful that he's taken this journey.

He's on his own, work-wise and personal time. It's so good for his self confidence. He had quite a tough decade, that wonderful son of mine. So to be out now, taking care of business, is such a blessing.

Oh, but I do miss the boy, I do!

FYI: Yes, I live in Los Angeles. But in one of the many suburbs of LA...a community called Sherman Oaks. LA is so huge, but if one can imagine Hollywood (Entertainment Mecca/Tinseltown), Sherman Oaks is about 10 miles from it...from Hollywood and Vine. I used to drive the Freeway, the 101, to Hollywood every day, for work, several years back now. No wonder the movie business is such a mess! Ha!

Anyway. Now let me ask you, though I reckon I could just Google it. In fact, I will! Though I'll ask you first. Is "Blighty" a London suburb? Is it an actual place? Or is it, maybe so, an affectionate nickname you have for your hometown?

All this time, I suppose I should've asked. Ha!

Ok Andy. Again I say, sleep well, friend.



R. Lee 03-16-2017 09:16 PM

Sam I googled Blighty & got the answer.

Alexis 03-17-2017 07:58 AM

Blighty is a nice nickname for Britain. :) xx

Tryntryagain 03-17-2017 07:02 PM

Good evening my gorgeous Sam. Bright blessings to you.

My dearest brother.....following on from your thoughts....If we walked past each other on the street, would we "know" brother, you know me better than that for goodness sake.....

How many passersby stop you running and ask if you're ok??? Hmm....hmmm?

You would know me....don't worry about that.

My dear ole Blighty?....Blighty?......i have never used that dialogue lightly. My Country has no right to have my allegiance. My journey has meant that i lived long enough to know that even if your Country shoves you up the ****, you can still survive....easily...yet it isn't half pukka to see the white cliffs of Dover.

Originally it came from our boys catching each others heads as they were blown off in both WW1 and 2, talking of how much "home".....their dear ole Blighty are 2 sayings in my dear ole Blighty, 1 is rude, they are...

"scared shitless".....and "scared witless"....

My brother, i suppose i am "tough". I never asked for it. My definition of tough?>>> getting out of the circumstances not many could imagine. It is fair to say that i have seen some not so attractive ways of growing up in my dear ole Blighty.

The reason you can still run into the sun with plastic bottled kissed beaches to greet you in da 'morrow, is because you are 1 lucky ****er.

I know that about myself too. So, so much.

Oh, my brother.....i know it does not feel that way.....yet when we have the problems we have.....i have grown to had a beach to sleep on.....i was literally a step up on you mukka.....i was on da ****ing roof!

The definition of "Blighty" to me?

You done me over, yet let me live.

What am i going to do with it?

You're going to help me...........

That is what my dear ole Blighty means.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you my gorgeous Sam.

( Charlie Brown medley, the piano guys. You'll get there!)

Millie 03-17-2017 09:55 PM

I have such clear pictures of you all in my head, and I wonder if I'm right.

I had a very clear picture of the recruiter I talked with today. I imagined that she looked just like Aisha Tyler, just based on her voice. After I hung up, I looked her up on LinkedIn, and omg it was uncanny! So I'm just sure I'd recognize any of you if we ever saw each other. :)

Alexis 03-18-2017 03:36 PM

How are things Sam? Have you had any rain lately? xx

lostdog 03-29-2017 08:39 AM

Hi Sam, how are you? Hope each day is great for you.

Alexis 04-02-2017 09:59 AM

Hope you are well and happy Sam xx

Sam Bailey 04-03-2017 03:31 PM

Hi LostDog, Hi Alexis (in fact, hey everyone!),

I'm well, at least reasonably so. Thanks for asking.

I'm just returned from my Ortho-Doc. Not totally certain that I trust him to perform surgery on my knees. It's just my 2nd time seeing him, so the jury is still out. I DO like that he isn't over-eager to start cutting...or however knee replacement is performed these days.

Today I had a cortisone shot in each knee. Two knees, two shots. I've had cortisone in the past and it's been somewhat effective. We'll see this time.

This doc is a real by-the-book guy, insurance wise I mean. I see him again in one month for, most likely, more injections. This time with that "new" gel that's shot into one's knee. After that? Well, only one thing remains: surgery. Or, of course, my next rejection of surgery---which I feel, even now, inclined to do. Reject it that is.

How many times can I do this? At some point, with the sometime intense pain and overall stiffness I feel in both knees, at some point I will HAVE to get the damn TKR surgery. Yet, man oh man---I so don't want to do it. But.....around 'n around I go.

Another thing.

Funny (in the "addict" way), just before I left his office, I overheard him speaking to his nurse about another patient...said he was going to start tapering him off his Norco prescription, though he WOULD give him the script today.

Truth is, the moment I heard him say this, my head lite up like a neon sign, sparkled and flashed at JUST the idea of a narcotic script. The alarm sounded loud, but in my head only, I'm relieved to say. Yet it did sound.

Quite normal, I'm sure. Still, ever so (slightly) discomforting. Similar, for me, to those times I find myself in our local CVS (drug store/pharmacy). There is a SMELL, I swear there is, that triggers the entire opiate-taking-shebang. My recollection of all those times, hundreds and hundreds!, is powerful. So powerful in fact that when I was still using, and in some state of withdrawals, just the smell of a pharmacy would quell the wds. Not eliminate them completely, but it would reduce my pain and anxiety, as if I had already swallowed a handful of pills.

Crazy, our brains. My certainly. Ha!


I hope everyone is good, anxiety free and in peace.


R. Lee 04-04-2017 11:32 AM

Yes Sam those triggers always there waiting patiently. Best of luck with the knees.

I had to take my 97 year old mother to the dentist as she has broken 3 teeth. The dentist requested the nursing home to fax a list of meds. The dentist asked me why she was on Narco twice a day. I was unaware of this & will be following it up. It sound suspicious to me.

Millie 04-04-2017 01:41 PM

Glad to see you, Sam. I too wish you the best of luck with your knees. It's easy for us to say, "Do it! It'll feel better!" But of course it's a very big deal, and *should* be well thought out.

It truly is amazing, the associations we can make. So strong, with those damn pleasure receptors. And the sense of smell -- more powerful still! It doesn't have to cross wires and be processed in the brain like sight or touch -- it just goes directly into the brain, point blank. (Which can be both good and bad, of course.)

Anyway, it's nice to see you here, and thank you for letting us know how you're doing.

lostdog 04-04-2017 09:42 PM

Hi Sam, I am glad you are doing well. I see so many overmedicated people. I remember when I had a simple skin thing removed and the doc gave me 30 Darvon, I only used a few motrin. wow, it was an eye opener. I hope your mom does well, the elderly are very sensitive to medications.

Alexis 04-13-2017 10:32 AM

How are you Sam? How are the knees? xx

Alexis 05-13-2017 05:04 PM

Hope you are ok Sam, xx

soapdish 05-14-2017 06:51 AM

Wondering how you are Sam? and wishing you all the best for you and your family.


Tryntryagain 05-15-2017 08:21 AM

Good afternoon my gorgeous Sam. Bright blessings to you.

Yeah....for goes it with my favourite freak from LA?

Being a freak like me you will understand what i mean by "super powers"".......oh yes.....oh you know....."zipping from one time zone to another".....being able to be invisible then re-appear.....that sort of thing.

Being a munchkin, tiny little chap, i reckon my super power would be to fly......well about your head height would suffice....Imagine that?....being soooo tall i could actually look at someone in the eye.

Now my gorgeous Sam.......if you could chose any super power you wanted.....what would it be....and why?

Do NOT refer to Mrs Sam for any guidance!

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you my gorgeous Sam.

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