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nan 12-26-2015 08:34 PM

Coffee Time
Hello, I have been checking this thread today and noticing the absence of so many. Busy times, going on. But how about taking a "coffee break" and send a greeting out. Just a check-in, have a nice day type of thing. Doesn't take a whole lot of time to jot a line or two. Maybe a positive boost to others. I dunno, maybe just give it a try. Today I am counting my blessings- bet you all can
think of at least one!

Christmas is over, so Happy New Year!


lostdog 12-26-2015 09:31 PM

Blessings to you Nan, and everyone.I've been posting and it is so quite. I just made it through a big party. Yay!

SecretTiger 12-26-2015 09:39 PM

Happy New Year to everybody!

I hope everybody is well and I'll make an effort to post more often.

Alexis 12-27-2015 04:36 AM

I'm without my laptop so been difficult to post using my phone. I'm home later today though so will be updating. Hopefully people begin to post more soon :)

Love you nan xx

Tryntryagain 12-27-2015 05:36 AM

Good morning dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

Cwoffeee! Do you know i have never had a cup of cwoffeee in my life? I'm not sure why as the smell of freshly ground coffee is rather lovely. I'm a tea fellow being an Englishman from dear ole Blighty. A cup of tea and a natter quite the most useful pastime for breaking up the day.

Here in windy and wet dear ole Blighty, this quiet and gentle Sunday morning i am looking forward to doing some writing about the dogs. I am trying to keep my mind off wednesday when i am having a tooth or two pulled! I contacted a charity as i must have someone with me. Not only have they found a volunteer for me, yet she is also a nurse! Fancy that? And dear Nan, as it is nearly a new year i shall try to be somewhat more courageous than i have been this year!

Anyway, how lucky are we all to be at the start line of another year? A whole new set of opportunity's, challenges, joys and another chance to enjoy the journey of our lives.

The excitement of wondering what treasures the future year holds, what we shall learn, what we shall find out about the marvel that is us. Another year older yet we are all still children in the eyes of our Mother earth however old we feel.

In our tenderness for each other we can watch each other grow, become stronger and more confident, be on hand for when we have our ups and downs, the storms that effect us all in our lives will always have ships shadowing them to the safety of clear and friendly weather.

So from this lucky and fortunate Englishman, and i'm sure from dear Alexis, i wish all my amazing brothers and sisters from across the pond a relaxing day and all the love this man can muster for you, and how grateful i am to have you in my life as the new year dawns.

I love you all.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan, Loveness to all.

R. Lee 12-27-2015 01:53 PM

Have a great day nan.

nan 12-28-2015 11:18 AM

Good morning all! I have the coffee ready, and the tea kettle for those who prefer...We are having a "snow day" today around here. Such fun for "older" folk-we get to stay in-and the younger ones get to try out their boots and sleds, etc. Maybe even make some snow angels. Yes, a beautiful white blanket is covering the earth. A gentle reminder to us to slow down, enjoy the blessings we have, and let the stress go!

Now I would go make a snow angel too except I would never be able to get up out of the snow afterward. Ha ha=

Hope everyone has a peaceful day today!


lostdog 12-28-2015 01:51 PM

Thanks Nan!

Millie 12-28-2015 02:26 PM

Good morning, Nan and everyone. I've not been around my computer and just busy busy.

Coffee and a slow-down sound really nice. Hope everyone is well.

Alexis 12-28-2015 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Millie (Post 464019)
Good morning, Nan and everyone. I've not been around my computer and just busy busy.

Coffee and a slow-down sound really nice. Hope everyone is well.

look forward to hearing from you x

gmasusie 12-30-2015 10:58 PM


I had not seen or read this when I suggested you start your own thread. So glad you did! Lovely to hear from you. I'm in for a cup of Java. I like my with Horlick's in it, please!

nan 12-31-2015 07:28 PM

Hi to all, Getting ready to head out to the Sober New Years Eve party! I am hopeful that all of my family here are ready to see in the New Year with sobriety! Not sure why we think tonight is really any different than any other night. Yes, it is a way to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new, so I guess we can celebrate that all the mistakes we have made in the past can be done away with when we turn the calendar into 2016. Because, as we all know, there is no changing the past, just learn our lessons and move forward, planning to do a better job of it in the new year. Yup, take care of ourselves, choose good, and live a good life day by day.How is that for a formula for the New Year? I am sending good wishes and warm hugs to all on this Eve-be safe and mindful.


Alexis 12-31-2015 09:32 PM

nan hope you have a lovely time.

Love you xx

jenm 01-01-2016 11:42 AM

Nan is a trooper!!! She had all 3 of my boys last night for New Year's Eve while I worked all night. They all went to the science center and saw the movie 'Star Wars' - I was home from work by midnight and they were still out!!

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom who has never given up on me, even when I really wanted to give up on myself. She has been non-stop supportive and has helped me SO MUCH as a single parent. I could go on and on.....I am so very very grateful. I love you Mom! :) Your crazy daughter, Jenm

R. Lee 01-01-2016 01:23 PM

jenm, You are so lucky to have a mother like our nan.

Thanks nan for showing other parents that have alcoholic children the way to support them.

gmasusie 01-01-2016 11:14 PM

Love to you both, Jen and Nan.

Saint 01-03-2016 11:51 AM

Happy, Healthy New year everyone.


lostdog 01-03-2016 12:05 PM

Happy healthy new year to everyone, so nice to hear from ya'll and wish you the best!

nan 01-03-2016 12:11 PM

Good morning-Coffee is on and hot water ready for steeping the tea! Sit down and pause for a bit. Holidays are over and tomorrow starts another"regular" work week. Yet, it is a new year and hopefully we have a new attitude to try and do our best every single day. Do what is right, take care of ourselves, and make good choices. I will say it again, the past is gone and nothing we did can be undone. So look to the future and continue making, and looking at, your grateful list. Look around, help others who need help, and remember we are all works in progress. Hugs to all-


gmasusie 01-04-2016 12:23 AM

So true, Nan.

Tryntryagain 01-04-2016 09:23 AM

Good afternoon dear Nan. Bright blessings to you. we all are, (how lucky are we?), the new year starting with the new working week. The love we shared with each other over Christmas and the new Year...."tucked away ready for next year".....not so.

Lets all of us, while we on a coffee break remember, love and are loved.

To carry through the "Christmas and New Year spirit" with us through everyday of our lives. To reach in.....and reach out.


Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan

Millie 01-04-2016 04:58 PM

I have this app on my phone that gives me an inspirational quotation every day (if someone had told me 10 years ago I'd have something so woo-woo I would have laughed in his or her face). A couple of days ago, there was one attributed to the Buddha:

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Not the most eloquent passage ever attributed to him, but so very true. Happy new year, everyone.

gmasusie 01-05-2016 12:02 AM

And to you, Millie, Tryn, and Nan.

Tryntryagain 01-05-2016 11:41 AM

Good afternoon dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

I have a rather lovely cup of "tea" on the go, and as it is coming up to supper time in dear ole Blighty and i am going to have crispy aromatic duck. (I'm going to try anyway).

I just wanted to say that i rather like that dear Millie.

Of course we would all agree how much we should follow. How hard has it turned out to be? I'm a nuisance in respect is i also want to know "why?"

So Tryn with his clumpy feet thought of "loving oneself" as quite ridiculous.


Well because that's just being selfish.

If i have learnt anything from my brothers and sisters here it is "it is so not".

Addiction is however.

I could not agree more that loving, caring, being compassionate and unsderstaninding with oneself is the way to go. I believe every one of us wants to be able to do that for ourselves.

Why do we find it so difficult?

We didn't find it difficult to nearly destroy ourselves.....why don't we use..."whatever that was"...the other way round?

Why do we shy away from what others see in us? Why do we not have the confidence in see it for ourselves?

As many brothers and sisters here, will be how many answers there are.

Having a "cwoffeee" break, enables us to empower each other with our answers. Eh what?

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan, Loveness to you dear Millie and Susie

nan 01-05-2016 01:02 PM

Hello to all-Tryn, so glad you stopped by for a "cwoffeee" break! You talked about how good coffee smells, well, yes it does but it sure doesn't taste like it smells at all. I guess I could say one drinks coffee, but one enjoys tea.

For sure so many folks fail to have confidence in themselves. It is so sad because if you can't love yourself there is nothing. It seems we worry so much about what others might think of us, but we need to focus on how we see and perceive ourselves. The confidence cannot come from "outside", it starts with us from "inside". We are all special and we all have special talents that are unique to us. Accepting that makes us not so quick to try and measure up to others. Someone once said to me, "You know even the President has to put on his pants on one leg at a time." With the delinquent juveniles I work with I try hard to give them the power of "themselves'. Explaining to them, over and over, that they are in control of themselves and they hold the "power" to make their lives better----or worse. I hope they make good choices.

So, yes, we hold the power over our feelings and our worth. Every single one of us are special and have talent.

Ending with a quote attributed to Bruce Lee-it is a powerful statement,

" As you think so shall you become"

Hugs to all-hope all your choices are good ones. Take care of yourselves!


Millie 01-05-2016 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by nan (Post 464289)
It seems we worry so much about what others might think of us, but we need to focus on how we see and perceive ourselves.

Even though I'm not that fond of aging, one good thing that has happened as I've gotten older is caring less and less what other people think. I read a quotation a while back that was something like, you wouldn't care as much about what people think of you if you realized how little they do. I have taken this to heart. If I can cultivate love and respect within myself, it doesn't matter what people think of me, IF they ever do. There is freedom in that insignificance. :)

nan 01-05-2016 02:27 PM

Hi Millie, I suppose some of that comes from growing "older" but I do hope the "younger" ones will take on the mantra while they are young. Too much of life is wasted on "living for others". Yes, freedom is a good word for it. Thanks for your good thoughts!


Millie 01-05-2016 02:58 PM

I agree -- I wish I'd learned it at an earlier age!

Alexis 01-05-2016 03:31 PM

Hi Nan hope you are well.

Love & Peace xx

gmasusie 01-06-2016 01:03 AM

I'm becoming my mother. My sister and I keep saying that we didn't realize how right she was about so many things. If youth is wasted on the young, then perhaps wisdom is wasted on the elders.

Tryntryagain 01-12-2016 05:47 AM

Good morning dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

I thought i would take "time out" and drop in for a cwoffee. How goes it with you dear Nan? While i cuddle my cup with my hands keeping them warm i look out of my window here in dear ole Blighty, the raindrops are racing each other down my window panes, the wind dancing all around, heavy dark clouds seemingly so heavy they are ready to fall out of the sky, one could be mistaken of ones own thoughts as dreary and drab.

However, with this family always here to give wisdom, love, support, compassion and understanding, it can always be a good day. To that extent it is ones own choice to accept all that love. I embrace as the most important part of my life.

Have a wonderful day.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan

nan 01-12-2016 07:52 AM

Hello Tryn, How nice to share a cuppa with you this morning. What shall we have with it? I have heard of "tea and crumpets?" but would really have to look that up. I will settle this morning for a nice warm piece of buttered toast-especially since that is all I have in my cupboard at the moment!

When I say it is "freezing" cold here, I mean it, literally. Wind chills in the teens below zero. Wind chill advisories, slippery roads covered with a bit of snow and ice. But I am sitting in my comfy chair with a warming blanket covering my lap-just listening to all the warnings on the telly. This is my "quiet" time. I am off to work in a couple of hours but I like to take time in the morning to just sit, and what I call "think about the day ahead".

Talk about being lucky, I have a warm house, plenty of blankets, and food in my cupboards. I know there are many who cannot even say that much. I worry about the homeless who are out in this coldness. I am counting my blessings today. There are many, many if we just look.

Great way for me to start my day with a cuppa with you. Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is still on for anyone else who has time to stop by and just pause a few moments with us.

Have the bestest day you can have today!


gmasusie 01-13-2016 12:33 AM

Nan, It's so good of you to worry about the homeless out in this cold. Many die every winter. Wish we could share cwoffee.

SecretTiger 01-13-2016 09:46 AM

Oh, I would LOVE some crumpets right now! I keep meaning to make some but never get around to it. I might have a bash at some this weekend.

Tryntryagain 01-13-2016 11:03 AM

Good afternoon dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

Brrrr, it's chilly out there so i thought a cwoffee with you and the crew would warm me up.

Homeless in the cold versus homeless in the summer. Funnily enough, both have their advantages which admittedly are few and far between, but one makes the most of what one has got.

It is a very rare event in dear ole Blighty for any night to be warm, whatever the season. In the summer the nights are so cold yet you are "upbeat" as you know during the day the temp would rise, and that is when you slept.

You ever wondered why you see the homeless on your streets sleeping as the workers go by?.... And the workers think...."Grrr...wish i could have a lie in!!" No, no, they have been up all night because of the cold, only now can they sleep. That's why.

The winter is a different ball game all together.

The city streets swell with the homeless coming out of the countryside. Even in Blighty winter nights out can kill you. Once i slept with a stranger in the countryside in a single sleeping bag, (i was young and small) no nonsense, if we had not we would have died. Never forget that night. It was the coldest i have ever been and we just clung to each other as if we were in the middle of an ocean in a storm. The longest night of my life.

You will never freeze to death on the streets of Blighty if you know what you are doing. Loners never lasted long.

When you watch these amazing wildlife documentary about "wild Alaska" quite ridiculous places in the winter, and all manner of animals literally have to survive the elements, and they do so waiting for the spring. In many, many ways, being homeless is almost a parallel of living like an animal.

Their were a multitude of ways of "warming yourself up" in the citys during the days, but my, i was never "warm". That is the worst for those poor souls now. For those with homes we all see the homeless on our daily journeys. And folk think, " must be cold at night". They think while they walk by at 3pm in the afternoon with their scarfs, hats and gloves. Many do not stop to's bloody freezing now!

24/7.......trying to stay warm enough to function for at least 2 months. Almost all around me used alcohol and drugs as "fuel to keep warm". In reality a few died as a direct result. You are still freezing, you just can't feel it. Very dangerous indeed. Just look at our brothers and sisters in Russia whom have "city sized" amounts of homeless, and their death toll during the winter through alcoholic resulting deaths is not only phenomenal, horrifying and desperately sad on a humanitarian level, none of this needs to happen in any country on earth.

1 thing i would like us all to consider is that the "traditional homeless" that we all think we are talking about, is to forget the millions of.....oh i just want to state something....i do not recognise the terms, "migrant, economic migrant, refugee, asylum seekers, et al" i only recognise displaced peoples, for whatever reason.

They are homeless too tonight, in their millions.

I was freezing on this night long ago. I had access to water, toilets...the bins in central London overflowing with all manner of thrown away food and i would not freeze to death. I could break into empty buildings for shelter, i had a hell alot of going for me if i wanted to survive.

Even my journey can not comprehend what it must be like to desperately want to survive for all the best reasons, and just can't.

We can give our dollars and our never changes. In 20 years in Blighty homelessness has risen nearly 40%, the largest rise being in the last 3 years as the world looks down the back of the sofa to find some money.

Nope, like starvation, like access to water to 1 billion peoples in our world, homelessness needs to be, as Dear Nancy sometimes does with important issues here...."bumped up". What you can all do is spend an hour and send an e mail to your local politician, and FWD it to your local authority's asking them what provisions are being made for the homeless now...and for the rest of the year. They get enough of those.....and it will "bump up". Write a little piece for your local newspaper asking people to think.

It WILL save lives.

I do beg your pardon! I do get on my high horse somewhat with this one.

Ummmm....nice day out there eh??

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness dear Nan, Loveness to all.

Millie 01-13-2016 02:16 PM

Thanks for posting this, Tryn. It's a problem everywhere. :(

lostdog 01-14-2016 07:05 AM

Thank you for sharing your humble heart Tryn. When you are cold are hungry, the basic needs of Maslows hierachy are so apparent. I live near a city with a huge homeless population and there are a wide variety of personalities and reasons they are in that predicament as we are aware and I remember long ago, there were so few that I saw.
Mostly, I think of all humans and animals when it's cold and I pray for them and wish them comfort. There are some fabulous places here and it gives me comfort. There are groups who walk and give meals and there are many organizations for animals, but there are many other places that do not have this, so thank you again Tryn for the message of luv for others that you share.

nan 01-16-2016 11:13 AM

Good Saturday morning! Well, it is sunny, yet way below zero again around here. Coffee pot is on and the tea kettle is whistling away. Come sit for a bit and just reflect on the good in our lives. Yes, it is there and sometimes we have to look and look to find it. But a great thing to talk about while we sit together over a cuppa and spend a little time with close friends and family here.

Secret Tiger said he was going to make some crumpets and I am still waiting for him to bring some along to have with our tea!

Count your blessings today, yup, they are there when you look. Be positive-encourage someone who is needing help today When we think of others it takes us out of ourselves and adds much to our lives.


Tryntryagain 01-20-2016 09:47 AM

Good afternoon dear, dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

Ooo, i can feel the warmth of that tea kettle whistling away. How i know its tune. I often used to whistle along.

Your dear Jen was saying that this week she lost her Dad 7 years ago and it made me think, in a quite focused way, the life and times of dear Nan, her little bundle of loveliness dear Jen, and yet a compassionate understanding of what will be going on for you this week.

You are so right Re "just encourage someone who is needing that little nudge if you can".. and so it is. I am giving you a little nudge. Just to let you know that i have no idea what your feelings are at this time, moreover whatever they are, i care an awful lot.

No bisquiets? oh, i do beg your pardon, no biscuits?

My love, warmth and empathy. Loveness to you dear, dear Nan.

gmasusie 01-22-2016 01:14 AM

Nan, You are so caring and so wise. You inspire me to believe that there is life after Monty. I hope some day Rip and I will come as far as you and Jenm have. Thank you.

LOve, Susie

Tryntryagain 02-06-2016 08:08 AM

Good afternoon dear Nan. Good afternoon everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

So how is everyone doing? We know what is happening for each other in what we have all shared, so overall, how does the family feel it is coping?

Whilst we covert our cup of cwoffee in our hands, now we have a place to come at Nans for a general chit chat, i want to share something with the bisquwits.

Have you all, where ever you all are, thought, how much we know so much about each other? Deep within the engine rooms of this forum, this family is the simple fact that honesty is always the best policy. That cold be expanded to any facet of anyones lives.

Here we have found courage to say we are not ok. You know that global saying, "there is help out there", my goodness, don't you think Addiction Survivors peer and mentorship prove just that point? What the love we share empowers us to do is the "mentors" change as we all evolve. I have learnt here that however we see each other in our own hearts, we are all mentors to each other.

The joy of having this cwoffee break is simply to share that with life going on, i am so happy and so grateful to have you all in my life. If i run into a problem, i always know now, if i don't know the solution, i know both a man or a women that will.

50 in 3 weeks. I am a sober alcoholic. My life is in my hands. If it were money, you support me in spending it ever so wisely.

Yummy that was a lovely cwoffee. Back to work.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan, Loveness to all.

Tryntryagain 03-05-2016 02:02 PM

Good afternoon dearest Nan. Good afternoon Mam. Bright blessings to you.

I thought i would drop by for a coffee as i have so much to tell you dearest Nan.

I have this family....all of whom i adore.....all are finding things kinda tough at the moment. I have someone whom i utterly adore, he is hurting in a way i know, and i want to reach out to him. He is tired dear Nan.

The fellow is a tower.....on his own. He is also a tower of strength to so many.

So many look up to him, and see him as thus, he feels lonely with his loss and issues. He is soooo used to giving others life saving treatment, simple, (with bucket fulls of love) ways forward, he needs me.....ooopppss....US.

Mam, your clarity of thought, combined with dear Jens faith, can we help our dear, dear brother?

I have never been in the army and been to war. My dearest friend has. I can not imagine my dearest friends "crazy life".

All i know is i adore him. I want to help him. I know we all do. Can you help me Mam?

Nothing like a cwoffee with you Mam.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dearest Nan, Loveness to our foundations, Loveness to our dearest R Lee.

lostdog 03-07-2016 10:48 AM

Yes, we have a choice to think positive or negative. Our brains need coaxing sometimes, but if we wake up each with a good positive mantra about ourselves it helps. Thanks Nan for the coffee talk. It has been the warmest February I have ever had here. very, very different. Have a nice day Nan and all.

jenm 03-13-2016 12:05 PM

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Mom, Nan!

I can't even put into words how grateful I am to have been blessed with such a loving, caring, selfless Mom. She has NEVER given up on me, and there have been plenty of times when I have wanted to give up on myself. She has NEVER judged me, she has just loved me no matter what I've done.

I love you so very much, Mom, and I'm so grateful that God blessed me with a wonderful Mother like you. We will see you soon! :)

NancyB 03-13-2016 02:58 PM

Happy birthday to you dear nan!

I hope you have a fabulous day!



Tryntryagain 03-13-2016 06:49 PM

Oh my...oh my goodness........

Good evening dearest Nan....bright blessings to you!

Happy birthday to youooo, happy birthday to yoooooo,
happy brithdayyyy dear na...annnnnn.....
happy birthday to youoooooo. MWHA.

Isn't life a funny thing?

Only yesterday i was watching a documentary about the incredible animals that survived after the earth burnt to death and killed all the dinosaurs and whatnot, and i thought....i wonder how dearest Nan is?

If this family is teaching me what a "family is", dearest Nan and our dearest Jen show me how it is done.

All joking aside, happy birthday dearest Nan.

Loveness to all you are.

Alexis 03-14-2016 08:56 AM

Happy Birthday Nan, love to you and Jen :) xx

R. Lee 03-14-2016 10:57 AM

Happy Birthday nan!!

nan 03-14-2016 04:29 PM

Hi all, Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Every year I am happy to celebrate another year, no matter what the calendar says-glad to be another year older. In reference to Tryn's letter, the one thing that I have appreciated most in my lifetime is the discovery of fire. It was miserable trying to prepare meals before that-not to mention keeping warm!

Had a very nice day-JenM and boys came over with birthday cake and ice cream. My son was here also so was great to have everyone together, sober and enjoying the day.
Went out to my mom's later and shared a hot fudge sundae with her. She is 93, doesn't drive and it is hard on her to get over to my house, up the steps, etc. Was nice to be with my mom on my birthday too!

Schools around here are on spring break which means this teacher has the week off too! Always have great plans to get many chores done during the down time-today was just a day to sleep in, ha ha. Wonder how much work will get done this week?!

Sun is shining, blue skies surround and the temperatures are in the 60's. Wow, so nice!
So many things to be grateful for-any problems? sure there are, but the focus is on the good things going on too. Living life on its terms, taking care of what I can just for today. Sure makes it easier than trying to project and worry about what I have no control over anyways.

Thanks again for your greetings! Hope all are having a good day, and remembering to choose good!


Millie 03-14-2016 04:49 PM

Happy birthday, Nan! Glad you got to hang out with some of the most important people in your life.

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