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RCB 04-08-2017 11:14 PM

Need help tapering. (Belbuca). 1st timer posting
So this is my 1st time posting & I really need some support because I'm about to make the jump in 2 weeks. I was at 2mg subutex & was planning on dropping 25% every 4th day until April 21 & make the jump. However I can no longer get subutex & can only get Belbuca. I've done some research & as far as I can tell is basically subutex but in a strip/patch that u place on the inside of your cheek. My plan is to continue my taper but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Belbuca & if so is there anything I need to know about that I otherwise wouldn't with Subutex? Any thing I need to know or should do to cut them to make sure I'm taking the appropriate dose? I was already getting nervious/anxious about dealing w/ the withdrawals but now that I have to switch to another drug that I'm unfamiliar w/ makes me that much more anxious. Any insight would be great. I'll def be posting updates once I jump in a couple of weeks. I know it's not going to be easy & could use all the support I can get. I've gone through the withdrawals before about 4 yrs ago coming off about a 100/150 a day oxy habit so I know it's going to b rough but just not sure how it will compare coming off subutex. My goal is to get to 1.5mg on Thursday & continue to drop by 25% every 4 days until the 21st & after that I'm done! I just can't take this anymore. Also please feel free to give me any tips to help with the withdrawals. Again, I know they're inevitable but anything that might help with sleep or the skin crawlies would be great. I remember those were the worst for me the first attempt a few years ago. Sorry for rambling. This is my 1st post. Thanks.

NancyB 04-09-2017 07:09 AM

Hi RCB, welcome. what dose of Belbuca do you have? Were you taking Suboxone film or generic tablets or generic subutex?

We don't have much on Belbuca here because it's FDA indicated only for pain. The doses range from 75 mcg to 900 mcg. Which would be .075mg to .9mg

This is a good post from someone who tapered off. She gives a lot of advice on supplements that might be helpful:

Sorry for all the questions.


RCB 04-09-2017 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by NancyB (Post 475678)
Hi RCB, welcome. what dose of Belbuca do you have? Were you taking Suboxone film or generic tablets or generic subutex?

We don't have much on Belbuca here because it's FDA indicated only for pain. The doses range from 75 mcg to 900 mcg. Which would be .075mg to .9mg

This is a good post from someone who tapered off. She gives a lot of advice on supplements that might be helpful:

Sorry for all the questions.



75mcg every 12 hrs. As I mentioned I was tapering from 2mg generic subutex & was going to drop 25% every 4 days & jump from 1mg on Apr 21st. I'm still finished regardless just not exactly sure how to taper with the Belbuca? I guess I'm going to cut the films every 4th day leading up to the 21st & hope that that might help a little with the withdrawals. I doubt much but we'll see. I plan on posting as much as I can the 1st week of withdrawing because I'll be at it alone.

I've been battling addiction with oxy for the past 8/9 years & have been going in between oxy & subutex for a while. The most subutex I ever was on daily was 4/6mg a day. And like I said I've been on 2mg the past 3/4 months & im at the point where I've had enough an ready to give it all up. Last time I jumped from a100/150 mg a day oxy habit & the worst for me like a lot of folks was the insomnia & the crawly skin. I was able to get a few muscle relaxers to help with the worst days to see if that will help at all with restless legs & maybe a little sleep....doubtful though.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling. Def a little anxious but I know I need to stay strong & determined to get through this. I appreciate your response & will keep updates as I go.

NancyB 04-10-2017 06:48 AM

Hi RCB, thanks, just wanted to make sure - some people generically call anything bupe Subutex or Sub or Suboxone. I also couldn't tell if you had started the Belbuca yet. Just wanted to be absolutely sure about everything an not assume. :)

So it looks like you've really dropped your dose a lot going from 2mg of bupe to 75mcg every 12 hours. That would be .15mg a day of bupe. Did you notice any difference when you switched? One other thing we've seen here over the years is that some generic bupes were less effective dose-wise/absorption-wise than others for people. Would you happen to know who the manufacturer of the generic -tex was?

If you didn't notice any difference going from the 2mg of -tex to the .15mg of Belbuca, I wonder if you could go to just 1 75mcg (.075mg) a day. Another thing people have done is just stop and take a sliver of the film if it gets too uncomfortable.

I do realize that the delivery system of Belbuca is supposed to be better than sublingual tablets and even the Suboxone film; it's just difficult to know how different because everyone is different with their absorption rate.

Try not to get too anxious, easier said than done I know, try to stay as busy as you can to distract yourself from thinking about how you're feeling. Hylands Restful Legs was a big help for a lot of people for the RLS. As was magnesium and calcium. Benedryl could help with sleep, but for some, it just didn't work too well. Chamomile tea, melatonin, valerian root were some other sleep aids that were helpful. But mostly staying positive and distracted.

You weren't rambling at all! Keep posting, you can do this!!


RCB 04-10-2017 02:15 PM

So I haven't started the Belbuca yet. I will be out of Subutex after today so I'll let you know how it goes. That's another reason I'm a little nervous. The dosing is dramatically less so we'll see. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise & will help me better prepare for detox in a couple of weeks.
Thanks again for your response & encouragement. I'll let you know how the transition goes after tomorrow.

NancyB 04-10-2017 02:21 PM

Hi again, while the dosing is a lot less, if you have a generic -tex that had really poor absorption, you could be doing ok with the better absorption Belbuca is supposed to have.

Not sure if you want to give this a try - others have opted to re-induct when switching brands - stop the -tex, wait for mild to moderate withdrawals and then re-induct with the Belbuca. Hopefully it won't take 2mg of it to feel ok and you can reduce from there. I remember a few people saying that it took 2 to 4 times the amount the generic bupe to equal the brandname -tex or even -Suboxone.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


RCB 04-12-2017 09:19 AM

Hi Nancy.

So I I've been on the Belbuca 75 mcg films for 2 days seem to be a little down but not too bad. I've had a runny nose the past day & woke up around 4:30 this morn & couldn't fall back asleep so I think I'm having mild symptoms from the drop from 2mg of Subutex.....prob mostly mental? I'm going to continues to take 1 film every morning until I run out on 20 Apr an make the jump.

I'll start a new thread when I jump because I'm going to need all of the support I can get. Although I'm still unfamiliar with the site so would the best way be to start a new thread? Any insight would be appreciated. As of right now I've kept my addiction (after I relapsed) a secret from my wife & family and I know I'm going to have to tell them for maximum support if I have any chance to stay clean. I just really wanted to get through the detox 1st & be in a better place. And of course I'm dreading having to put my family thorough the worrying & emotional rollercoaster. That's the worst part of this by far.

Anyways, I'm determined & am now looking at the reduction from 2mg of subs to the 75mcg Belbuca as a blessing. Like I said I'm going to really try & do a lot of posting while I'm withdrawing for support & in hopes that it will help keep me busy. Thanks again Nancy.

NancyB 04-12-2017 04:27 PM

Hi RCB, wow, that's great that one 75mcg is doing fairly well for you. It's a reduction, so having some WD symptoms make sense, so I wouldn't say it's all mental.

You might want to just keep posting in this thread, then people can see the transition from generic bupe to Belbuca and then off. Totally up to you though.

Do you exercise regularly? That's one thing that's helped others - keeping up, or even starting, exercising during the taper off and after. That will help your natural endorphins going. That and watching funny movies, laughing, doing anything enjoyable will work.

It's great that you'll be getting the support of your wife and family once you're off. That will definitely help having the support and love.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not too bad at all!


RCB 04-24-2017 09:09 AM

An update. I'm on my 1st full day of withdrawals & it's going better than expected. Part of me is worried the worst is still to come? I've done this before & it was a lot worse but I did jump off of a higher dose of subutex....2/3mg a day jump a few years ago.

This time I was tapering but had no other options than the 75mcg Belbuca films & if you do the math that's equal to like .75mg. So I was on 1 of those films a day for about 12 days and it wasn't great but I got by with mild withdrawals. My last 75mcg film was Thursday morning (Apr 20th). I started mild withdrawls by Fri evening and I had 3 Tramsdols to get me by until Sunday. My last Tramadol was 1-50mg Sunday morning @ 7 a.m. I started feeling pretty good discomfort around 3/4 p.m. yesterday (Sun, 23 Apr). I've been eating bananas for the restless legs & I was able to get 5-2mg klonapin to help with sleep on the worst days. I know you have to b careful w/ those too. I took a half last night @ 1:30 a.m. & was able to get 4 hrs of sleep. If anyone has any insight or suggestions please let me know. I'm just wondering if the worst is yet to come? I fell like the bup should b out of my system. Thanks again. Trying to stay positive & going to try & get out for a walk. Im determined to do this no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Just keep telling myself it's only short lived in the scheme of things. Thanks.

NancyB 04-24-2017 04:34 PM

Hi RCB, sounds like you're doing pretty well, phew! It's so hard to predict how long WDs last because of the difference in absorption and the subjectivity of withdrawals themselves. But, over the years, many people's worst day was around the 3rd day. Hopefully yesterday was it for you. Definitely try to get some exercise. Melatonin, valerian root and chamomile tea could help with sleep. A hot shower or bath before bed has helped other also.

I like what you said about it being short-lived in the scheme of things. That's so true.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the update.


RCB 04-24-2017 05:28 PM

Thanks again Nancy. I took your advice from a few weeks ago/earlier today and went on a 2 mile walk in the rain & everything seemed so surreal. I also have access to a hot tub & soaked & it did wonders! Even though I'm tired and achy all of my senses & emotions are in hyper drive. I'm pretty sure I cried over a car commercial. Anyways I think it was a blessing in disguise having no choice but to be on a low dose (75mcg) of Belbuca. Even though I was already tapering it forced me to do it faster. Here's do another day down. Hopefully I can get a few hrs of sleep.

NancyB 04-25-2017 04:28 AM

Yes, I think it was a blessing in disguise about how you tapered. Too funny, crying over a car ad! :)

Hopefully the walk and being tired helped you get a good night sleep. Keep us posted when you can.

Keeping fingers crossed for you!


RCB 04-30-2017 07:47 PM

Day 8.
Feels like the worst of the physical withdrawals are behind me. Now the real work begins. I still get tired easily and feel run down at times, even if it's just climbing the stairs and I'm 36. And I'm still taking Imodium at least every other day if not once a day. I've heard that can last for weeks. Otherwise I'm just trying to keep busy & going back to work tomorrow.....little nervous about that. I have 2 wonderful boys under 5 and one on the way & a great wife who I've made aware of my relapse & she is being really supportive so I feel really blessed & lucky. I don't think I'd be able to get over this without my families knowing and support. I'm also looking into counseling which I didn't do my last go-around. Thank you again for the support.

NancyB 05-01-2017 06:05 AM

Hi RCB, try not to be worried about going back to work - easy for me to say I know - but it might be really good to keep your mind totally occupied on that. Glad to hear that most of the physical stuff is behind you. Think about keeping some vitamin B12 with you, that can give you an energy boost. Apples are a good energy boost along with these foods that could help too.

How wonderful having the support of your wife! Congrats on the little one on the way! You will get through this. Stay positive and remember that each day is a day closer to feeling much better.


RCB 05-03-2017 09:26 AM


Physically I'm still dragging & motivation to exercise has been a little more difficult the past 3/4 days. I think partially due to going back to the office. I know I need to push myself more to at least go for a walk or short jog in the evening. Ive also been taking a few viatamins for energy. Not a big coffee drinker but tried to have a small cup the other morning & it gave me the jitters & didn't feel well for a little so I don't think I'm ready for the caffeine yet.

Thank you for the link Nancy. I have been trying to eat more protein & less sweets. That's seems to have become a weakness of mine over the years and of course theres candy in every other office on my floor but I've been keeping peanut butter, crackers & nuts in my desk to curve my appetite.

I've been researching addiction counselors in my area & left a message for one yesterday to do a consoltation & hoping I hear from him soon & can start that sooner than later. Please let me know if you have any recommended websites for addiction counseling? I found a few but most searches seem to either turn up in-patient/detox (which I've already gone through & am looking for out patient counseling) or I get a bunch of links on how to become a certified counselor. I found one website where I can search for addiction counselors in my area but was just curious if you knew of any others like that. Not even sure if there's a search tool on this site like that? I'm not all that familiar.

Thank you again Nancy for your continued support. I know I need to remain patient & it's going to take time for my energy to return but right now that seems to be the biggest challenge. Especially coming home from work & having 2 boys under the age of 5 and all they want is to play & wrestle with Dad. Here's to staying positive. Thank you!

NancyB 05-03-2017 09:39 PM

Hi RCB, can you get out at lunch for a quick walk maybe? Running around with your little guys after work sure is a workout in itself! :)

Psychology Today has a way to search for counselors:

Do you have a doctor you feel comfortable asking for referral? Sometimes local hospitals have referral lines, that might work too. Just remember that you are hiring this counselor to help you. So don't feel any obligation to remain with one if you don't think they are doing things in your best interest.

Still have my fingers crossed that your energy comes back quickly.

Thanks for keeping me updated!


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