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Dan458 07-13-2013 04:03 PM

The first three steps of AA saved my life
At the age of 31, I found I had no place to go...except for treatment. It used to be that for fifty dollars you could enroll in state sponsored treatment. I used to misuse treatment as kind of a "rest" period. Sort of a "time out" in the great football game of life. Anyway, I was very strung out on opiates and I went to treatment. After being there for 35 days, I transferred to a vocational rehab center. This was the start of what was to be 17 years of sobriety. In 2005, I relapsed. I had long since quit going to meetings and I never got past the first three steps. I could not do step 4 and 5. Nevertheless, I have gratitude towards AA. It did help me. Often I read about some of those on medical assisted treatment who have went to AA or NA and found there views with regards to suboxone not to their liking. The great thing about it is that 12 step programs are being produced all the time for various different problems. It seems to me that given the large number of folk who are offended by AA and NA's position, that they could form a twelve step program that conforms to their wishes. Or has this already been done?

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