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NicoleKylla7 10-03-2016 12:13 PM

Suboxone has saved my life
Wednesday i went to the doctor. And since Thursday I've been without my suboxone. My pharmacy tells me that I've been waiting on a pa from my doctors. Which isn't true they sent my pa bc I called my insurance and they let me know they have sent it what they missing is my paper work showing I'm actually doing some sort of treatment. Which of course I am, but somehow It didn't get sent. However my doctor has informed me that the pharmacy is suppose to give us a 3 day supply. They didn't want to hear nothing I had to say. This was the worst 4 days of my life. I can honestly say suboxone has saved my life, however when I'm out of my medicine I feel like I'm dying. I will be checking into this there's no way this can happen and nothing get done. I wanted to relapse so bad and thanks to my children and my husband I didn't. Thank you God.

NancyB 10-04-2016 08:00 AM

Hi NicoleKylla7, I'm sorry you had to go through that paperwork fiasco. I'm not sure about the pharmacy 'having' to give you a 3-day supply, did the doctor authorize that when he gave you the prescription?

How much bupe do you currently take?


Rossdal7 11-27-2016 09:22 PM

I have been filling my medication at the same place for years and they did not want to fill because of my license being expired

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