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theswan 06-10-2012 01:38 AM

Will be changing to Subutex
Hello friends

Not sure where this thread should go so..

My doctor is a pain doctor and because of all the paperwork associated with prescribing suboxone for my pain, he wants me to try subutex instead. I've taken it two days and like it mainly because it melts faster with less "nasty" taste.

I am interested as well in how it may work on pain (so far seems the same) and maybe more interested that maybe it may work better as far as less side effects from the albeit tiny amount of naloxone that may "leach" out.

Anyway, if I get it in my head it is better, then the placebo effect will add some truth to it lol.

So if you have switched please share the good bad and whatever.


Glen AKA "The Swan" (From Sant Saens Swan)

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