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OneDayataTime 06-03-2012 09:11 PM

Do you find that Pill Addicts become Un-Reasonable meaning close minded
After starting my Suboxone Journey about 20 days ago. I have searched all over the internet to hear stories and first hand accounts from people that are on or have taken Suboxone/Buprenorphine. I have gained so much insight and information, which has helped me tremendously. But I have also come across an odd typical behavior from these Pill/Drug Addicts. Not judging mind you at all as I am addicted myself, but I have found IMHO that these long term addicted type mentality has changed these people. It is a very odd behavior and it may be apart of their need to re-adjust their brain to stay clean. But it seems that addicts when they are getting to the point where they are in fact getting clean and it is working ad Lasting that they become so close minded. As I said it might be a response that before they knew they could rationalize on Why to take pills/drugs. But now they have had to become straight to the point when making judgments, or decisions.
I may be talking out of my butt for that matter. But honestly after carrying on a number of communications over the last3 weeks with some people that are self described addicts I have found them to be nice and also reasonable but also unwilling to have an open mind to certain issues. as I said I honestly believe that this behavior is apart of their self prescribed treatment that they have built a wall to sort of close them selves off a bit. I suppose some Psychoanalysis would be the direction or the person to ask..but I thought I would give it a go on here to get your thoughts. has this happened to you as well ?

theswan 06-04-2012 07:05 AM

Not sure what you mean as far as closed minded. Do you mean about "how" to be clean? such as "our way or the highway"? I do not want to write too much as it actually hurts for me to type hence I usually have shorter post.

My guess if this is what you mean't is folks get sober/clean an have either near or actual spiritual conversions. these are powerful and of course the person does not want to lose this new found joy. They so very much do not want to screw it up that they stick to dogma and follow a narrow path.

Many will get sober and see that there are other paths to take but early on, it may not be a bad thing to stick to a rigid plan of action. (maybe closed minded)


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